Why I Chose Nursing …

Ever since I was a child I have always been interested in helping people and making a difference. Whether it be simple talks , friendship or even cleaning up a scrap you got after falling down I was the one to call on. I grew up with many nurses and doctors in my family so I began to learn about the ” medical field ” at a very young age so by the time I got to high school I already had my mind set. My first medical experience was in high school during a program called ” VO-TECH ” where I got to chose a career and get experience and education. I chose the medical field and started off as a CNA where I learned and performed all the duties while also working my 4 years of high school. After graduating high school in 2015 I became certified as a CNA and was able to work hands on in that specific job field while entering college.

Freshman year of college I changed my direction from CNA to RN where I began falling in love with the duties and lifestyle of a Pediatric Oncologist ( doctor who specializes in research and treatment for cancers that develop in infants, toddlers , adolescents and teenagers ). While attending college I then completed all my nursing pre-requisites in a 2 year program so therefore I could graduate early and began nursing school. NOW the year of 2019 I am officially a nursing student and 1 year away from pursuing my dream career as a Pediatric Oncologist!

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