Dear Black Girl ,


Love yourself ! Care for yourself ! Spoil yourself ! Appreciate yourself ! Uplift yourself !

If you do any of these things then you are on to a great start. Now since you know what to do let us spread the word to other black queens who may not have the same courage and confidence as others.

Make sure wherever you go you spread love and positivity! Color appreciation? Transfer your good vibes and spirit to family , friends , coworkers or even a stranger. Teach others the importance of feeling good about themselves we all need to feel ” cocky ” once in awhile. For those who base their beauty from society and social media repeat ” I AM BEAUTIFUL , I AM FIERCE , I AM ME “. When you walk in sun you sparkle, and shine pure melanin do not let anyone stop your glow , your freedom or from being yourself.

Love life , love yourself , love your skin and most importantly love BEING A BLACK GIRL

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